Turkey Beach (solo exhibition)

6-28 September 2013. Opening 6pm Friday 6 September. New Media Gallery, Sawtooth ARI, 2/160 Cimitiere Street, Launceston Tasmania 7250. sawtooth.org.au exhibition catalogue 


Turkey Beach (solo exhibition)

21 November - 1 December 2013. Opening 6pm Thursday 21 November. Canberra Contemporary Art Space Manuka Gallery, 19 Furneaux Street, Manuka ACT 2603. Gallery opening hours 11am-5pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday, or by appointment. www.ccas.com.au http://canberracontemporaryartspace.wordpress.com/2013/11/22/turkey-beach/


I Heart Video Art | Group exhibition curated by Annika Harding

ANCA Gallery presents I Heart Video Art, an exhibition of video art with heart. Get up close and personal with smaller-scale video works by ten Canberra-based artists: Alexander Boynes, Nicci Haynes, Caroline Huf, Ellis Hutch, Janice Kuczkowski, Blaide Lallemand, Heike Qualitz, Dan Vukovljak, Danny Wild and Amelia Zaraftis. Showing at: ANCA Gallery from 25 June - 6 July 2014. Opening 6pm Wednesday 25 June 2014 - exhibition to be opened by Deborah Clark, Senior Curator Visual Arts Canberra Museum + Gallery. ANCA Gallery, 1 Rosevear Place Dickson ACT. Sawtooth ARI from 8-30 August 2014. Opening 6pm Friday 8 August 2014. New Media Gallery, Sawtooth ARI, 2/160 Cimitiere Street Launceston Tasmania.


Visioning Industry | Group exhibition curated by Jo Duke

Examining the ever evolving Industry within the Gladstone Region, this exhibition uses pieces from the Gladstone Regional Art Gallery & Museum's permanent collection, including an exquisite series of black and white photographs by Max Dupain, Ken Redshaw and Wolfgang Sievers. These unique images taken of Queensland Alumina Ltd in the 1960s and 1970s, alongside paintings and prints of other familiar Industry sites, compliment items from the Gallery & Museum's Historical Archives. In addition to this, Canberra-based video artist Janice Kuczkowski's moving image piece, Turkey Beach will also be exhibited. Showing at Gladstone Regional Art Gallery & Museum from 19 December 2014 to 18 February 2015. Gladstone Regional Art Gallery & Museum, Corner of Goondoon and Bramston Streets, Gladstone, Queensland.






Screen shots, Turkey Beach, 2013, two-channel high definition digital video, 11 mins 30 secs


Turkey Beach is a silent, black-and-white, two-channel video installation. Channel one of the dual video work presents us with a dream-like journey into the everyday life of the inhabitants of the small coastal fishing village of Turkey Beach. Channel two features compelling and mesmerising footage of the large-scale infrastructure and industry situated in and around Gladstone Harbour.Turkey Beach is a visual poem exploring relationships between people and the environment. It is a sympathetic portrait of people and place.

Turkey Beach is located 50km southeast of Gladstone, Queensland. The fishing village offers direct access to the southern reaches of the Great Barrier Reef. The area supports professional and recreational fishing and crabbing, which have been affected by the development of new port facilities designed to increase coal and coal seam gas exports from Gladstone Harbour. These developments may also pose a significant threat to the overall health of the Great Barrier Reef. At the same time, recreational fishing continues, and people continue to enjoy the "natural" environment even while they recognise the harm being done to marine life. The close observation of recreational fishing and crabbing practices also highlights the antagonistic relationship between humans and their environment. Turkey Beach draws subtle visual parallels between the technology and methods of the amateur fisherman and large-scale industry. Indeed, many of the recreational fishermen at Turkey Beach work, or have worked in, the Port of Gladstone.

Kuczkowski's practice focuses on video and photographic portraiture, and employs docu-fiction and observational cinema techniques to explore the relationship between authenticity and vulnerability. Her work bridges video art and visual anthropology. She isinterested in the resonance that emerges from the supposedly neutral process of observation and documentation.

Using the human body and a contemporary nostalgia for "the simple life" as a starting point,Turkey Beach explores the ways in which the behavior of an individual towards natural resources is determined as much or more by forces beyond their control as it is by internal concepts, wants and needs.

Turkey Beach, 2013, two-channel high definition digital video, 11 mins 30 secs 


Installation shot, Turkey Beach at Canberra Contemporary Art Space Manuka Gallery, 2013


Installation shot, Turkey Beach at ANCA Gallery, 2014


Installation shots, Turkey Beach at Gladstone Regional Art Gallery & Museum, 2014